The Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox

Known problems

After the toolbox was made public, I received many useful comments and suggestions from several users. The most important problems encountered so far have been listed on this page; recent additions are highlighted in red. If you encounter other problems or bugs, please let me know. Any newly discovered problems will be published here, and from time to time I may publish an updated version of the software to solve the most important bugs.

The FDC 1.3 bugs will be squashed in the next version of the toolbox, FDC 1.4. An early 'beta' of FDC 1.4 is available via CVS. Since I will not describe known bugs for the CVS version on this page, it is very important to update your local CVS tree frequently to stay up-to-date. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

See also the Frequently Asked Questions.

FDC 1.3

The latest release is FDC 1.3.3, which is functionally identical to FDC 1.3 'Service Release 2', but which features different licensing terms. Service Release 2 fixed some problems from the two earlier versions (SR1 and FDC 1.3). If you still use the original FDC 1.3 version, it is strongly recommended to upgrade. Users of FDC 1.3 Service Release 1 can choose to upgrade or to apply the necessary changes manually. Users of Service Release 2 only need to upgrade to FDC 1.3.3 if they require the new licensing terms.

To verify which version you are currently using, check the first line of readme1.txt in the FDC subdirectory doc: the original version was called 'FDC 1.3', Service Release 1 was called 'FDC 1.3 SR1', Service Release 2 was called 'FDC 1.3 SR2', and the latest version is called FDC 1.3.3.

Known problems for all FDC 1.3 releases:

Known problems for FDC 1.3 and FDC 1.3 SR1 only:

Known problems for the original FDC 1.3 release only:

If you still use the original FDC 1.3 release, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to version 1.3.3 or newer. Notice that the above list of problems for the original FDC 1.3 release is not complete; it is merely a short summary.

FDC 1.2

FDC 1.2 is still available as separate download to satisfy Matlab 4.x users. This version is no longer being actively developed, and the known bugs will not be fixed. This version of the toolbox is not compatible with Matlab 5 / Simulink 2 or newer.

The latest release of FDC 1.2 is FDC 1.2.1. It incorporates some small improvements that were previously distributed in a separate file UPDATE.ZIP, and is now distributed under open source license terms.

FDC documentation

The FDC report was primarily written for version 1.2; there is no dedicated FDC 1.3 manual. The differences between these two versions primarily concern some minor user-interface upgrades, new self-explaining on-line helpfiles, and Matlab 5 compatibility issues; the basic structure of the toolbox hasn't changed. Therefore, the FDC 1.2 documentation can be used for both current FDC versions.

Since May 11, 2001, the second edition of this FDC report is available for download. This second edition features improved graphics and is available as resolution-independent PostScript (PS) and PDF files, whereas the first edition was available in PostScript only and limited to 300 dpi quality. The new version also solves some small technical problems with the report files, except for the following small problem:

In theory, it is still possible that copies of the first edition are distributed by third parties. If you already have a hard-copy of the report, it is not very useful to download the new edition, but it is recommended to download the new version if you obtained the old version of the report as a ZIP-archive. The first edition of the report was distributed as REPORT.ZIP, whereas the second edition is distributed as REPORT_PS.ZIP, or REPORT_PDF.ZIP, depending on the chosen file format. If your version is called REPORT.ZIP, it is recommended to download a new copy here.

Errata for the FDC 1.2 user-manual:

Other documentation

On August 26, 2001, a paper titled: 'An Integrated Approach to the Design of Flight Control Systems using CAD Tools', was made available in PDF format on the 'other downloads' page of this website. Unfortunately, the PDF file had two missing pages. This problem has been corrected on December 15, 2001. Please download the updated PDF file if you still have the incomplete version of this paper.