The Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox

An overview of the information on this site

The 'info' section in the main menu contains a number of documents, providing background information about the FDC toolbox and about this website in general. These pages were included here to provide some answers to often asked questions, and to put the whole project into the proper perspective; they try to clarify the current status of this project. The following pages are listed:

Other information

The other information on this website is quite self-explanatory: the news section keeps you informed about the latest developments, the downloads page provides links to the various software packages and documentation from this site, the feedback page allows you to contact the author, and the links page offers a quite comprehensive list of links to some high-quality scientific search engines, web portals, literature repositories, etc.

Much background information about the FDC toolbox itself can be found in the FDC user-manual. The manual includes a detailed theoretical information about the aircraft equations of motion and flight simulation in general, making it suitable as a stand-alone reference too.