The Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox


The navigation menu contains links to the software and documentation that is available for download via this website. Although the downloads are free, these are still copyrighted works, which are subject to (Open Source) licensing terms; please spend some time to read the licenses before using or distributing the software.

The sections below give a small description about the downloadable software and literature plus links to the corresponding product pages. You may skip these descriptions by selecting the required product in the navigation menu directly.

The FDC software and user-manual

The FDC toolbox is available as free download from the SourceForge servers. Currently, there are two versions of this toolbox: FDC 1.2.1, which requires Matlab 4.2c and Simulink 1.3, and FDC 1.3.3, which requires Matlab 5.1 and Simulink 2.1 or later.

In addition to these current FDC versions, there is also a 'beta release' of the upcoming FDC 1.4 available via the Dutchroll CVS tree at SourceForge, and in the form of a zipped archive. This version is compatible with Matlab Release 11 or newer.

It is also strongly recommended to download the FDC user-manual. Although it was written for FDC 1.2, it is also very usable as a reference for FDC 1.3, and for the time being also for FDC 1.4 beta, because the core models and tools are quite similar in these FDC versions and because it provides extensive theoretical information about flight simulation, aircraft modeling, etc. A new user-manual for FDC 1.4 is under construction; see the news page for more information.

Other available downloads

The Dutchroll Blockset for Simulink (DUBSI) is a useful general-purpose blocklibrary which was created as a spin-off from the FDC development. The latest version, DUBSI 1.0.2, is also available as free download.

The Other Downloads page was created to provide additional scientific documentation that is closely related to the FDC toolbox. At present, this page offers downloadable scanned versions of an FDC-related paper and the MSc-thesis of M.O. Rauw.