The Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox

About the Dials & Gauges blockset

The Dials & Gauges blockset by The Mathworks allows the user to add graphical instruments to their Simulink models. The blockset includes several demo's, one of which is based on the aircraft simulation model from the FDC toolbox. The demo couples the FDC simulation model to a graphical representation of the cockpit instruments and aircraft control devices (stick and throttle), which allows users to 'fly' the 'Beaver' aircraft on their PC or workstation.

Some hints

The quality of the simulation and the degree of realism in the Dials & Gauges demo depend on the chosen simulation parameters. To obtain a realistic representation of the real aircraft, these parameters need to be adjusted such that the simulations are performed in near real-time. Normally this will require a reduction in maximum step-size, but this depends on the processing power of the computer that runs the simulation.

The title-blocks in the aircraft model from the Dials & Gauges blockset are linked to the FDC homepage instead of providing on-line help information as in the FDC toolbox. Notice that the Dials & Gauges demo does not contain the complete FDC toolbox; it only contains its core model! A full copy of the FDC toolbox and a user-manual can be downloaded for free from this site.

If you have any questions about the Dials & Gauges blockset, please contact The Mathworks. Questions about the FDC models can be sent via the feedback page on this site.