The Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox

Mirror-sites for FDC downloads

The files from this website are available via the SourceForge servers, which allow the user to select a nearby download location.

The latest versions of the FDC toolbox (except the beta versions of FDC 1.4) and the DUBSI blockset are also available via the Matlab Central File Exchange: the FDC toolbox can be found in the Aerospace section, while the DUBSI blockset resides in the Utilities » Simulink category.

If that still doesn't work, try downloading the files from the XS4ALL server in The Netherlands, using the links below.


FDC 1.4 beta 3 for Matlab 5.3 / Simulink 3.0 or newer: (517 kB) Preview of the complete FDC 1.4 toolbox (beta 3)
README14.TXT (13 kB) FDC 1.4 beta 3 release notes and install instructions

FDC 1.3.3 for Matlab 5.1 / Simulink 2.1 or newer: - 811 kB FDC 1.3.3
README13-3.TXT - 16 kB release notes and install instructions

FDC 1.2.1 for Matlab 4.2c / Simulink 1.3: - 492 kB
FDC 1.2.1
README12-1.TXT - 12 kB
release notes and install instructions

DUBSI 1.0.2 for Matlab 5.3/ Simulink 3.0 or newer: - 194 kB DUBSI 1.0.2
README-D10-2.TXT - 8 kB release notes and install instructions


FDC 1.2 user-manual

Note: the file contains a ZIP archive of the PostScript version of the FDC 1.2 report; FDC12-report.pdf contains the same document in PDF format. It is not necessary to download both files, just choose the file format that suits you best.

A dedicated FDC 1.3 version of this document is not available, but this FDC 1.2 manual is quite usable for that version too. It can also be used as stand-alone reference. - 2483 kB PostScript version of the FDC 1.2 user-manual
FDC12-report.pdf - 1965 kB PDF version of the FDC 1.2 user-manual

MSc-thesis M.O. Rauw:

thesis_mrauw_part1.pdf - 5.102 kB MSc-thesis, part 1
thesis_mrauw_part2.pdf - 3.701 kB MSc-thesis, part 2

2AO-94 paper

2AOpaper.pdf - 1601 kB 2AO-94 paper in PDF format