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Useful links

This page contains many useful links of high-quality scientific search engines, web portals, web libraries, literature repositories, scientific software resources, and other sites that somehow relate to the subject of this website. This page aims to be a useful starting point for scientific research in (aerospace) technology, and searches for scientific (Matlab/Simulink) software.

Scientific programming resources, with emphasis on Matlab

The Mathworks
Matlab homepage
The Mathworks - Downloads
download page from The Mathworks
The Mathworks - Matlab Central
this page provides links to the Matlab/Simulink file-exchange (which includes a dedicated aerospace section), the Matlab Usenet newsgroup, and the Matlab FAQ
very large technical computing portal, includes many Matlab links
Scientific Web
portal with emphasis on scientific software for specific fields of science; includes a Matlab section
The OpenScience Project
open-source scientific software portal (the portal is still small, but the number of software entries seems to be growing steadily)
Scientific software at the dmoz open directory project
scientific software section of the dmoz web-directory; includes a dedicated Matlab section
The Matlab WebRing
this page lists the members of the Matlab Webring (not very active anymore)
Indiana University Stat/Math center
site with some introductionary information about Matlab; provides several links to other on-line Matlab tutorials
Cambridge University Engineering Department
this Matlab page of the Department of Engineering of Cambridge University provides some useful links to Matlab toolboxes, tutorials, and short articles
Matlab Educational Sites
a useful list of educational sites for Matlab and Simulink, maintained by the creators of the Mastering Matlab website
Software links from Salvador Vera Ballesteros
Partly spanish/partly english site with links to several scientific software packages, including many Matlab resources
Matlab links from Juan Carlos Cockburn
another useful list of Matlab references
The comp.soft-sys.matlab newsgroup on Usenet (News)
this group is frequently visited by many helpful people who are always willing to assist with all kinds of Matlab-related questions
Web-archive of comp.soft-sys.matlab
the same newsgroup as above, but this one has a web-interface and a huge newsgroup archive
list of frequently asked questions in from comp.soft-sys.matlab
Matlab FAQ by Michele Zavada
another list of frequently asked Matlab questions, maintained by Michele Zavada from The MathWorks
Old Matlab FAQ (PDF)
an old (1996), but very detailed list of frequently asked questions, maintained by Matt Wette and Anders Holtsberg

Scientific web portals, with emphasis on aerospace technology

AERADE Aerospace and Defense portal
portal to aerospace and defense resources on the Internet from Cranfield university
Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
engineering portal with a large aerospace section
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Virtual Library
large virtual library with a wealth of aerospace and aviation resources
Engineering section of the Yahoo! directory
engineering section of Yahoo!; includes a dedicated Aerospace section
Technology section of the dmoz open directory project
engineering section of the dmoz web-directory; includes a dedicated Aerospace section
Control Engineering Virtual Library
virtual library with many links to control engineering research groups all across the world
The WWW virtual library
portal to a large number of virtual libraries for many different sciences
portal to many specialist search engines and databases

Engineering resources, with emphasis on aerospace technology

NASA Scientific & Technical Information
scientific aerospace information from NASA
NASA Technical Reports Server
search technical reports in the NTRS database
NATO Research & Technology organization
NATO repository of technical publications, with strong emphasis on military applications
NLR publications
starting point to browse publications of the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory NLR, many of which can be obtained in PDF format
MIT OpenCourseWare
very commendable initiative by MIT, whereby many of their course materials are being made available on-line
Delft University of Technology library
provides many useful scientific literature resources, including a dedicated aerospace section
CiteSeer Scientific Digital Library
powerful scientific library that indexes Postscript and PDF research articles on the Web
METReS - MAGiC Engineering Technical Report Service
an online database (the National Reports Catalogue), containing information on engineering technical reports and their locations, an associated electronic full text archive, and other related services (this site is no longer maintained)
See How It Flies
a free online book by John S. Denker about the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight
Irrotational Plane Flows of an Inviscid Fluid
fluid dynamics tutorial by Prof. Colombini from the University of Genoa, with some nicely animated GIFs of airflow and force distribution past a wing-profile
Advanced topics in Aerodynamics
a nice, free, electronic document about aerodynamics, aeronautics and propulsion systems
Georgia Tech School of Aerospace Engineering
some downloadable publications from the Controls Group of the Georgia Tech School of Aerospace Engineering
ACSL publications from AEgis Technologies
a long list of publications about ACSL applications, several of which are aerospace-related
Literature links from Salvador Vera Ballesteros
Partly spanish/partly english site with links to several scientific magazines and publishers
JSBSim links for aircraft model developers
a list of useful links for developers of aircraft models, maintained by the maker of the JBSim open source flight dynamics model; includes many links to online books, reports, and tutorials
FlightGear links for flight simulation and flight model developers
a similar list of links, this time maintained by developers of FlightGear, an impressive Open Source flightsimulation program
Flight simulation resources from SimDynamics
a list of useful resources for flight-simulation; includes several direct download links to some useful NASA reports
The NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project
a nice with aeronautics and math resources, providing a nice overview over some basic concepts in science and engineering (includes links to some useful software packages)

Aerospace engineering in The Netherlands

Delft Aerospace
the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology
Control & Simulation Division of Delft Aerospace
this division of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering specializes in dynamics, modeling, control, and simulation of aircraft and spacecraft
the International Research Institute for Simulation, Motion and Navigation, a flight-simulation research initiative by several faculties of Delft University of Technology
Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR)
Dutch aerospace laboratory that carries out independent contract research for national and international customers
despite the demise of Fokker as independent aircraft manufacturer, parts of the company are still on the forefront of aviation, within the Stork Aerospace Group
Dutch Space
space technology in The Netherlands (formerly known as Fokker Space)
the European Space Research & Technology Centre

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