The Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox

DUBSI, the Dutchroll Blockset for Simulink

During the development of the FDC toolbox, a small blocklibrary with useful general-purpose Simulink blocks was created. This blocklibrary started its life as the TOOLS library in FDC 1.0. FDC 1.2 featured an enhanced version, named FDCTOOLS, and a similar library is planned for FDC 2.0 (this library will be named BLOCKLIB_MISC, according to the proposed new file-conventions).

Since this blockset was in fact not limited to flight dynamics related applications, a stand-alone version has been created, named 'Dutchroll Blockset for Simulink', or shortly: DUBSI. Version 1.0.2 of the blockset, which has been released under the terms of the Open Software License, can now be dowloaded from the SourceForge servers: (220 kB) DUBSI 1.0.2
README-D10-2.TXT (10 kB) release notes and installation instructions

Note: SourceForge downloads may not work properly with some download managers; it is recommended to disable such services if you encounter any problems. Alternatively, visit the Mirrors page for a different download address.

For more information about the DUBSI package, please take a look at the on-line documentation for this blockset. Of course, this documentation has also been included and integrated in DUBSI 1.0.2 itself. The blockset requires Matlab 5.3 and Simulink 3.0 or newer to run properly.