The Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox

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The Flight Dynamics and Control toolbox provides Simulink models and Matlab tools for flight simulation, analysis of aircraft dynamics, and flight control system design. The toolbox is open source software that can be downloaded at no cost via this website.

Its core module is a nonlinear aircraft model that has been implemented as a Simulink block-diagram. The model currently has been configured for the DeHavilland DHC-2 'Beaver' and can be adapted for other kinds of airplanes, thanks to its modular design. It can be accessed via the graphical user-interface of Simulink or directly from the Matlab workspace.

Other modules are: a steady-state flight trimming utility, an aircraft model linearization tool, radio-navigation models, wind and turbulence models, several simple open- and closed-loop simulation models, and a complete implementation of a 'classical' autopilot system for the 'Beaver' aircraft that contains several nonlinear elements.

The software is documented by means of a user-manual and extensive on-line help information. The manual also provides detailed theoretical information about airplane dynamics and flight simulation in general, which makes it suited as a stand-alone reference too.

Availability and support

The toolbox and user-manual are available as free downloads from the SourceForge servers. Also available are several related technical documents, and the general-purpose DUBSI blockset for Simulink; see the download page for more information.

All programs and documentation on this website are provided 'as is', without any guarantees. See the license information for more details. Support will be provided as much as practicable, but again: no guarantees. For questions and comments about the FDC toolbox or this website, please consult the feedback page.